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  • What is a CNC laser cutting machine?


    CNC fibre laser cutting machine adopts fibre laser as laser source, fibre optic transmission, the machine tool is gantry structure, double rack and pinion drive, two-way fixed AC servo motor synchronous drive. Equipped with precision reducer, helical gear, rack and pinion motion mechanism, the origi Read More

  • Why choose the Torsion Bar Press Brake of Bamboo CNC


    Bamboo CNC is one of the leading press brake manufacturer in China, we offer several options in press brake machines.Our standard range of press brakes are available in 40 tonne to 1000 tonne bending capacity and in bending widths from 1250mm to 7000mm. In addition to this we offer special high tonn Read More

  • How to maintain the bending machine


    Bending machine is a kind of machine that can bend thin plates. Bending machine is divided into manual bending machine, hydraulic bending machine and NC bending machine.So how to maintain the bending machine at ordinary times? It is divided into three parts: hydraulic oil circuit, filter and hydraul Read More

  • Advantages and disadvantages of fibre laser cutting machines


    Laser cutting equipment as a new industry, the development prospects are broad. With the progressive development of industrialisation, the fibre laser cutting machine is being used more and more in all walks of life. It can do both flat cutting and bevel cutting processing with neat and smooth edges Read More

  • The history of mechanical punching machines


    Punching is a forming process that relies on presses and dies to apply external forces to plates, strips, tubes and profiles to produce plastic deformation or separation to obtain a workpiece of the required shape and size. Today we are going to introduce the product is mechanical punching machine, Read More

  • The advantages and disadvantages of mechanical punching machines


    Industrial development is always an unstoppable process, which contains the wisdom of human society. In modern industrial production, the mechanical punching machine, as the key equipment for modern processing of all types of flat holes, replaces traditional equipment by using new forming technology Read More

  • What is a mechanical punching machine?


    Industry is the only sector that produces modern means of labour and determines the speed, scale and level of modernisation of the national economy. With the increase in technology, more and more industrial equipment is beginning to appear in people's lives, mechanical punching machines being a typi Read More

  • What are the precautions for using a mechanical shearing machine?


    With people's high regard for production efficiency, shearing machine equipment has a broader space for development, market demand continues to grow industry prospects. The current mechanical shearing machine has become a mature market system, the market common shearing machine to countless, the rap Read More

  • The use of shearing machine and maintenance precautions


    Shearing machine with the development of science and technology and shearing machine manufacturing technology to improve, as well as social demand for diversification of shearing machine products continue to expand, shearing machine products are being updated very quickly, the diversification of she Read More

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