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Main performance characteristics of torsion bar press brake

1. The torsion bar press brake is welded by high-quality steel plates, and the stress in the welded parts is released by vibration during production. The machine has high strength and good rigidity, and the frame can be stable and not deformed for a long time.

2. The main cylinder piston of the torsion bar press brake adopts aerospace technology-surface nickel-phosphorus treatment, and its hardness can reach above HRC60. The guide sleeve that moves relative to the piston adopts a zinc-based wear-resistant alloy with its own lubricity, which can make the cylinder In good working condition for a long time.

3. It adopts a torsion shaft synchronization system and is equipped with a mechanical stop block, which is reliable, economical, and high precision.

4. The distance of the back gauge and the stroke of the upper sliding block are electrically adjusted, manually fine-tuned, and digitally displayed.

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