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Technical Standard V Groove Machine Grooving Metal Sheet 6000mm

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When processing workpieces that need to be grooved around, if the workpiece is long you need to add a table to carry workpiece when processing the short side, which is inconvenient to operate.

The worktable surface is made of high quality mold steel after overall heat treatment, and is finely ground by a grinder.The surface fineness reaches a mirror ettect. 

The minimum distance between the v shaped groove and the edge is 10mm, al the cutting speed is 40m/min.

The tool carrier moves back and forth with less loss(main motor power 4. 4kW).

The vertical grooving machine automatically clamps the workpiece by hydraulic pressure ,automatically positions and works automatically. The operator is away from the moving parts of the machine.

Due to the need for automatic feeding after gripping the workpiece, the iron scraps generated by the grooving often scratch the decorative surface, and frequent alignment and movement are required when processing large-sized workpieces, which is more likely to damage the surface.

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