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High Quality Hydraulic Groover Without Hydraulic Oil for Cutting Saw

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Description of Use:

This equipment is all numerical control metal sheet slotted machine. This machine adopts the advanced CNC system, the design is novel. With high machining accuracy, simple operation, no noise, no vibration and other characteristics. The machine is used in sheet metal parts (containing stainless steel, aluminum, copper, iron, rubber boards, acrylic plates and some other special plates). V-groove, U-groove and other irregular groove processing, especially for sheet metal before bending V groove processing.


Performance and Features:

---HRK type CNC metal sheet slotting machine is an upgrade product developed by our scientific research personnel on the basis of domestic and foreign metal sheet slotting machine. This machine has all the properties of the traditional machine. Fully solve the customer in the actual operation process encountered a series of problems.

---The equipment is welded by steel plate, the internal stress is eliminated by vibration aging, the strength, rigidity and stability of the whole machine are higher than the equivalent products at home and abroad.

---The equipment adopts the backfeed structure and the ingenious design of the universal ball makes the equipment will not destroy the surface of the sheet metal when feeding and discharging. Adjustable movable working table can ensure the accuracy of grooving depth in each part.

---The equipment adopts the processing technology of the front and rear three forming knives, which greatly reduces the iron chips produced in the process, and greatly improves the precision of the processing of the traditional five knives, because the bottom of the grooves produced by the five knives may produce multiple bottom lines.

---The equipment adopts full pneumatic clamping, press, working fast, so that the processed products have no clip marks, indentation, all processing process tracking cooling blow. The lighting system in the working area is even more extreme.

---The equipment adopts a gear rack of high-speed alloy steel, a ball wire rod with a large pitch, and a high-precision and silent linear guide rail. the main shaft system is driven by a high torque servo motor and an inlet star speed reducer. so that the tool rest is more stable and quick when the work piece is processed.

---The high-strength plate is used as the base surface of the workbench, which makes the workpiece easy to be worn. And the table plate and the fuselage workpiece adopt the movable adjustable type, so that the distance precision from the knife tip to each point of the table is guaranteed to be about 0.02mm.

---The equipment adopts PLC man-machine interface programming. Special slotting machine system process two modes. Operators are easy to learn and understand, accurate positioning.

---The equipment clamps, the compacts all adopt the full pneumatic control. Make this machine in the idea of energy conservation and environmental protection reached a high point.

---The overall shape of the equipment is simple, generous, beautiful, frame structure set, in line with the operation habits of all kinds of technical personnel, so that operators can fully meet the production and technical requirements.

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