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High Precision Cnc Pneumatic V Groover Machine with Servo Drive

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CNC sheet metal V groover machine

The machine keeps all performances of the traditional models adequately , at the same time , we developed the same exclusive functions address series of customer's problems in the actual operation.

It is wholly welded by steel to eliminate internal stress by vibration aging ,so that our machine are better in strength,rigidity

and stability than the same products at home and abroad. It chooses PLC HMI programming and CNC touch display ,easy for operating personnel to understand and set accurate position. It adopts full pneumatic control ,which make this machine environmental friendly and save the energy cost.It has no side effect in human health.


Performance and Features

1.Bevelling available.Available to groove not from one side of plate and end not at another side.

2. Applying the numerical control systems provided by Taiwan Yitu , so the technology is mature, and the performance of products is more stable and reliable.

3.The electronics are original products provided by the one of the three well-known global manufacturer-- Schneider, which can ensure life and stability of the circuit.

4.work table surface is equipped with a mechanical compensation, after long-time use it can adjust error of depth of V groove

5.Mitsubishi servo motor cutting feed, with high accuracy and is reliable, and the accuracy even be 0.01mm.

6.Mitsubishi servo motor control turret and feeding device, has accurate chipping and precise positioning.

7.As for Turret, it changed the traditional way to the way of forging nut screw drive steel rack and pinion, work together

withprecise planetary gear of Li Ming Taiwan and servo motor power of Mitsubishi, which makes it easier to maintain, lower the failure rate, and makes it return faster, more efficient, and run more smoothly in a muted way.

8.Allowing using three knives to process "V" groove, thus the cutting amount can be allocated evenly,and the deformation of the workpiece can be reduced.

9.Using pneumatic control system of Taiwan Yadeke, clamping and release of the platen and jaws are fully automated, and the board will not get pined, the pressure is stable and reliable during the process.

10.work tables are made of carbon tool steel,the hardness of high-frequency surface can reach 55-60HRC (ordinary table<30HRC) after hardening

11. Environmental protection (no hydraulic oil)


Five System:

(A) Y-axis system

The Y-axis consists of ECMA-F21830 AC servo motor,star reducer, timing belts, synchronous wheel, high-precision gear rack and pinion, linear guide parts.

Its function is that the servo motor drives the blades move straightly on a linear guide through the star reducer together with fine gear, to provide the V groove power.


(B) X-axis systems

The X-axis consists of E21320 AC servo motor, timing belts, synchronous wheel, ball screw, linear guide,backgauge rack,

draggingclamps and other component parts.Its function is that servo motor drives the backgauge rack move straightly on a linear guide through timing belts and synchronous wheel driving ball screw, to provide precise positioning power to the the backgauge dragging clamps.


(C) Z-axis system

The Z-axis consists of C20604 AC servo motor, timing belts, synchronous wheel,ball screw, blade and other parts. Its function is that the servo motor drives the blade move straightly on a linear guide through timing belts and synchronous wheel driving ball screw ,to provide the blade precise positioning power.


(D) The pneumatic system

The pneumatic system were divided into two groups:the backgauge clamping tool which provides the clamping force to drag and pressing tool pneumatic system which provides the pressing force before V Groove.which provides the clamping force to drag.


(E) Electrical control system

The electrical control system consists of the PLC, driver, touch screen, electronic control components, electrical cabinets and other accessories. The electrical cabinet is installed within wallboard of the machine, easy for maintenance and

protection.Through the touch display, you can make full use of the equipment.

Technical Parameter

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