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The electro-hydraulic servo press brake is a machine that has an advantage in the market in a short time. It has the following advantages

One: high accuracy

In terms of accuracy, due to the addition of electrical signal processing, the accuracy and sensitivity of the electro-hydraulic servo press brake is much higher than that of the traditional press brake, and the accuracy of the produced workpiece is higher than the original one. All workpieces are basically under standardized production.

Two: powerful functionality

The machine is highly cost-effective, because its price is slightly higher, so many companies will hesitate when buying it. But the reason why it can quickly overtakethe market lies in its powerful functionality. The overall function of the electro-hydraulic servo bending machine is relatively comprehensive, so the price is relatively high, and the comprehensive cost-effectiveness is not worse than the commonly used machinery on the market.

Three: simple operation

The operability of the machinery is very important, because if the operation is difficult, professional operators need to be equipped, otherwise it is easy to cause operation errors. The operation of the electro-hydraulic servo press brake is very simple. Basically, people who are familiar with the machine can perform independent operation after reading the operation manual, and if there are some simple problems with the machine, the operator can also perform maintenance by themselves

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