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Automatic Strong Power V Groove Cutting Slotting Machine for Carbon Steel

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The V-Groove machine was built to open a new realm of possibilities. This machine will enable you to form sharp corners on mild steel, aluminum, and stainless steel like nothing else on the market. With the ability to machine up to 2/3 of the thickness of the metal that is 11-gauge (3 mm) to 22-gauge (6 mm) at lengths of 10’ 6” (3.2 m) to 32’ (10 m), this machine is versatile with a specific and perfected purpose. Our back gauges come in both 48” (1.25 m) to 60” (1.5 m) due to the varying thicknesses and lengths available. The  V-Groove machine was designed with detailed perfection and return customer satisfaction in mind.

How to use CNC grooving machine

  • The CNC grooving machine must be maintained and operated by a specially designated person;

  • The operator of the CNC V slot machine must pass the training of the professional department. After passing the exam and obtaining the qualification certificate, the operator can operate independently;

  • Before the operation, wear long-sleeved work clothes (to avoid burns from spills of debris) and gloves must be worn when loading and unloading the sheet;

  • Before connecting the V-groove machine, check that the machine table is clean, especially between the clamps and the table; V-slot cutting machine, V-slot machine, V-cutting, V-slot

  • Restart the source after starting. When working, check that the part meets the process requirements and correctly insert the groove size and depth;

  • When the operator is on the small blade, remember to handle it carefully. Before loading, clean the surface of the machine and the feeding table, and you must not leave wire residues with slits and other miscellaneous items;

  • When operating the slotting machine, check that the plate is pushing towards the origin. Personnel will not extend the head or any part of the body in the engine area of the machine (to avoid damage by the machine). The air gun and hand must not be placed under the fixed clamp; When the grooving machine is in motion, the operation must be interrupted in the event of a machine or material collision. First, reset the origin to prevent it from moving at the time of the collision;

  • After the groove, gently place the blade in the designated position to avoid scratching the workpiece; Grooving and V-grooving machine from China manufacturer - Bambeocnc

  • After operation, perform the daily maintenance of the grooving machine, disconnect the power supply and clean the workplace.

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