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1250*4000mm Cnc V Grooving Machine Cutter for Plano Milling Machine

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Designers and architects aim to achieve upmarket, high-specification interiors and finishes and often specify solid materials. Instead of these materials the identical look can be created utilising V-Grooved folding. This method of creating solid-looking trims, architraves and skirtings enables endless design options for specifiers.

Using PVD stainless steel, the V-Grooving process is used to create colour matchable display fixtures, fascias, curtain-walling and cladding.

Cnc V Grooving Machine Cutter  for Sheet Metal from China manufacturer - Bambeocnc

Where contractors are dealing with an existing specification for solid material this can be value-engineered to V-Grooved profiles with no loss of aesthetic. For boutique hotels and luxury retail brands these lightweight V-Grooved profiles are a cost-effective alternative.

For exterior cladding and curtain-walling V-Groove folds allow for seamless butting-up or can create decorative shadow gaps.

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V-Grooving is also called score-folding, V-cutting and back-scoring.

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