Electric servo pressbrake
英文electric press brake
Electric servo pressbrake supplier
Electric servo pressbrake supplier
Electric servo pressbrake supplier
Electric servo pressbrake supplier

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Bambeocnc is currently engaged in sheet metal processing machines, including Press brake, shearing machine, punching machine, laser cutting machines, hydraulic press, plasma cutting machines, etc. Electric servo press brake, Electric shearing machine, Torsion Bar press brake, and punching machine have always been our best-selling products for customers all over the world.

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Bambeocnc is a modern enterprise mainly focusing on the manufacturing, sales, and service of Guillotine shearing machines, Mechanical punching machine, CNC hydraulic Guillotine shear, Pneumatic punching machine, CNC press brake, CNC Electro-hydraulic press brake, Full CNC Vgrooving machine, Hydraulic Angle Notching Machine, Hydraulic groover, and so on. Our company owns the brands of  BambeoCNC and BAMAG.

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Our company has a group of knowledgeable and professional, young team workers who are committed to machinery cutting, bending area development.

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Why choose the Torsion Bar Press Brake of Bamboo CNC

Bamboo CNC is one of the leading press brake manufacturer in China, we offer several options in press brake machines.Our standard range of press brakes are available in 40 tonne to 1000 tonne bending capacity and in bending widths from 1250mm to 7000mm. In addition to this we offer special high tonn

What is a CNC laser cutting machine?

CNC fibre laser cutting machine adopts fibre laser as laser source, fibre optic transmission, the machine tool is gantry structure, double rack and pinion drive, two-way fixed AC servo motor synchronous drive. Equipped with precision reducer, helical gear, rack and pinion motion mechanism, the origi

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How to maintain the bending machine

Bending machine is a kind of machine that can bend thin plates. Bending machine is divided into manual bending machine, hydraulic bending machine and NC bending machine.So how to maintain the bending machine at ordinary times? It is divided into three parts: hydraulic oil circuit, filter and hydraul

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